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God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him. – Hudson Taylor

To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with Him. – John Piper

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A new direction

I have decided to take this blog in a new direction. I don’t want to just update here and there but to fill you in on my adventure in Christ. God has healed my broken heart and redeemed me. I am not afraid to share my life with you. What good is a testimony if I keep it to myself, if I am afraid to let people in. God has not created me for that but to give Him all the glory and to let His Spirit lead me and He deserves that and so much  more.

Nine months ago I packed up my car and moved from 120 degree sunny Arizona to Northern California in order to follow my dreams and God’s will. I joined The Table Internship in Roseville, Ca. For the last 14 months I have seen my life change dramatically. I have learned who I am as a person and how God sees me, I have learned how to walk out in my strengths and giftings, and have also learned how to work through my weaknesses, among many other things. In order to do this all effectively I have had to allow God to help me work though a lot of past hurts and receive healing from Him. I have come to know 14 wonderful brothers and sisters. I cannot believe how important this group has been to me. I wont just walk out of this program with all the things Ive leaned but with 14 life long friends that have been so crucial to my growth and healing. God blessed me with the wonderful opportunity to go work at our sister program in Guatemala for a week. That week changed my life. For the first time I saw just how big God is. It is a week I look back on that I cant put into words, I really wish I could.  Now, I am a second year in the program learning how to be a leader and disciple others. It is an amazing opportunity. To be in a place that you have no clue about and just let God lead. This has been the most challenging but best 14 months of my life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I am ever so grateful that God brought me to this internship and all that He has done for me.  I cant wait to see what the rest of my year will look like.



Doors close but God is faithful and He opens more

Unfortunately, the door for our team to go to Uganda has closed, but God opened another great opportunity. Instead of going to Uganda I have the opportunity to go work at our sister internship and an orphanage in Guatemala. I am excited to see what God has for me in Central America! 🙂