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Its been 2 months since I started my adventure here in Guatemala. Each day I spend with the interns I love them more and more, They are amazing people and I cant wait to see what they do for the kingdom.
Last week was our first week back after a week vacation. The interns were all excited and happy to get back to one another.
I had my own adventure during vacation. I took a chicken bus to Antigua with Tita and Dulce (2 first yr girls). Ill be honest it was kinda scary, i prayed the whole way there. Chicken busses are not the right kind of transportation for white people let alone women. But we had to. So we took our bus to Antigua. It was super hot and crowded with 3 people to a seat with the craziest music ever. The drivers drive crazy around the curves to antigua. It was adventure but I was glad to arrive in Antigua. I spent the weekend there and got to know the town better and got to meet the interns friends. We hiked up over 200 steps to Cerro de la Cruz. It is a beautiful cross that overlooks the entire town of Antigua! It was amazing! I also rode in a tuk tuk for the first time while we were traveling to Dulce’s families house. Its like being on a wooden roller coaster. you know the shaking and bring thrown around feeling. After I went back home i ended up back in Antigua with Laura for her wedding errands. Her mom treated us to a wonderful lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Sabe Rico. As you can see my vacation was fun and full of new things.
The interns are counting down they have 3 months til graduation. I am now teaching a class called Living Before Gods Eyes. This is a brief summary of what my class will focus on, im still putting together the final details.

  • it will focus on how to live a focused life, that our salvation is not based on works but our rewards in heaven are, and do we do Godly things because we love God or because we want a big ministry. Basically its living the first commandment. Love God with all your heart.

  • Do we put God first or our spouse or our ministry.

and how one day we will face Jesus and hear about our lives. Did we waste our life or did we love the one who gave us all with all our heart and time.

We had a crazy storm yesterday while we were practicing intern theater. We had golf ball size hail and a tornado in zone 8. The tornado was close as we were in zone 9 at the time. It caused a lot of damage in the area. People lost their homes and roofs.

Prayer request: Some of the intern haven’t been able to pay their tuition and due to the hard economic time we have to send them home on friday if they dont come up with the money. Please pray for a miracle so the 3 interns can stay with us!

I hope you are all doing well! I love you!

New Update

In less than a month I will be graduating from my second year of the Table Internship. We are now in intern theater season. For the last few weeks I have been apart of editing team writing our play. Editing team means a lot of long nights and no sleep. I am always amazed at how amazing God is. In my weakest times He is always there with so much grace. I have one more week of work then I will be using my new free time to start packing my things.

I am planning on going to Guatemala around the 25th of June. I ask that you would all pray for the finances to roll in and the Lord to prepare me for this new season.



Family and Friends,
2012 is here and it’s a year of much excitement and new journeys. I am half way through my last year of The Table Internship and a lot of things are in store. These last couple months I have experienced what it means to be a leader; to sacrifice your wants and yourself for others, to counsel and truly love beyond your capacity. It has been challenging, if there is one thing I’ve learned(still learning) is that not everyone is going to agree with the way you lead. I am learning that I can’t please everyone. It’s just not possible and that’s okay. I am also leaning that Jesus is always enough. I’m learning how to pull myself out of my insecurities,sadness and, anger and to take that to God and let Him pour into me. 
There’s 5 months of the internship left. We have 2 more team building intensives and intern theater headed our way. This time of year it gets super busy, once intern theater hits it flys by and it’s seems like graduation will be in a couple days. I have been working at Target as a Starbucks barista and a cashier. It has been a blessingabe to have a little extra money for tuition. 
In June I plan to move to Guatemala City, Guatemala to help with our sister program. I will be a house parent, taking care of all the household things and of course roommate drama. I will also be teaching classes and evaluating the interns. It will cost me aprox. $230 a month for everything (which I a m saving up for). This opportunity is a dream come true for me, I’ve be wanting and felt called to missionary work for 7 years now. It’s amazing to see it at my door. 
I want to thank all of you for your support over the last year and half and for your future support. Thank you for never giving up on me but always pouring into me. Please keep praying for me and pray about supporting me financially. I have two $700 payments to make. One was due last week, I came up very short after a monthly $300 payment. The other is due in March. I know times are tough so please pray with me. Any donations can be sent to Danielle Meyering 725 Vernon street Roseville, Ca 95678. Checks can be made out to The Rock of Roseville, if you leave the memo blank you will receive a tax write off. Once again thank you so much for all that you do. I am greatly appreciated.
Love you all, Megan Weber